Ice council on board the nuclear icebreaker "Lenin"

Thursday, 12 May 2011 13:46

April 8 and 9 on board the nuclear icebreaker Lenin Rosatomflota State Corporation "Rosatom " for the first time in Russia held a meeting of the Ice Board (Transatlantic Ice Council). This organization was founded in 2009 and gathers experts in ice navigation of the six countries - Russia, Canada, USA, Sweden, Finland and Germany. The Council meets twice a year, it was the fourth such meeting. Ice council allows a recognized expert in ice navigation exchange views, experiences, ask questions and work together to find a solution.

Every time we collect recognized professionals and discuss with them current problems of ice navigation - said Chairman of the Board, Anders Backman. - We are convinced that the countries participating in the Arctic must cooperate to develop a robust management system in the ice conditions, to analyze the possible risks. We need to collectively understand how to avoid accidents and reduce environmental impact.

At a meeting in Murmansk have been invited to ice captains members of the Association of Sea Captains "- President of theof the Association of Cherepanov A.A. worked for icebreaking cargo ships of the "Norilsk", president of the Association of Arctic Shestopalov Valery Ivanovich, who worked on nuclear and diesel icebreakers, icebreaker for bigger ships such as" Amguema; Captain icebreaker Vaigach Sivkov Alexander; captains icebreaking transport vessels Antipin, Valery Germanovich and Alexei Grigorievich Markov.

Members of the council focused on discussing the problems of traffic along the Northern Sea Route and other activities in the Arctic coast of Russia.

One member - the captain of the atomic icebreaker "50 let Pobedy" Valentin Sergeyevich Davydyants said, such meetings are really useful. In fact, many countries are really interested in the development of the Arctic. It is a pity that in this project Russia is not involved. I would like to representatives of Russia actively participated in these meetings, because here we discuss many issues of ice navigation in the Arctic seas.

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